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  • LED flood lights
  • led flood lights

    bright LEDs for 24 hours, the life of fluorescent tubes is generally only 1-2 years, and the duration of light is also long, and the built-in iron rectifier or electronic rectifier also consumes about 10% of the power . The emergence of led fluorescent lamps can replace the fluorescent tubes.


Category : KURSEVI

High Bay Led LightingLED high-bay lights are also used in many places. Generally, 40W fluorescent tubes are used, and the lights are bright for 24 hours. It also saves power and all conditions are irrelevant. The light attenuation is particularly serious, and the built-in iron core rectifier Or electronic rectifiers also consume about 10% of power. The emergence of radar-sensing led fluorescent lamps can play a role of replacing fluorescent tubes, and LED fluorescent lamps replace 40W fluorescent tubes.