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resident passed away peacefully

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resident passed away peacefully

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The occasion will also be used to hold a social night for the club afterwards in the Autobahn upstairs bar, where entertainment on the night will be provided by the legendary Matt Christopher (aka Gary Talbot) and is band. There is no cover charge for this event and all club members and friends are invited to attend. Most teams are now on a summer break, so little in the way to report on field club activities, but a big congratulations goes to the Dublin senior football team and especially James McCarthy and Philly McMahon on their win over Laois in the All Ireland 1/4 final.

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JW: I went to comprehensive school in North London and left without any qualifications [diploma]. And I was doing bits of acting and improv in a drama club in the evenings. Then I discovered you didn't need qualifications to go to art school, you just needed a body of work.

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